Annarose Monroe Photography Specializes in Stylized Portraits for Individuals, Families & Dancers.

Session Information and Frequently Asked Questions


What type of sessions do you offer?

My studio specialized in stylized portraiture and we offer custom portrait sessions for individuals, families, and dancers. Sessions include stylized portraits, personal branding, headshots, mother-daughter, high-school seniors, dancers, families, maternity, and elegant boudoir.


My studio offers two types of sessions:


Portrait Session – This is a full-service, customized portrait experience that includes a consultation to determine the look and feel of your portraits, a preparation timeline, wardrobe styling, professional hair & makeup or grooming, a 2-hour guided photoshoot with up to four wardrobe changes, complimentary champagne, and an in-person proof reveal and ordering session. Portrait sessions include all of the above and are $475. All products are sold separately. Portraits begin at $250 and Collections begin at $1100.



Personal Branding Session – This is also a full-service, customized portrait experience, but the focus is on creating portraits you will use for your business marketing, social media, and websites. Personal Branding Sessions include headshots, as well as stylized business branding, looks. Personal Branding sessions include a planning meeting, a preparation timeline, wardrobe styling, professional hair & makeup or grooming, a 2-hour guided photoshoot with up to four wardrobe changes, complimentary champagne, and an in-person proof reveal and ordering session. Personal Branding Sessions include all of the above and are $475. All products are sold separately. Portraits begin at $250 and Collections begin at $1100.



What products do you offer?

We offer beautifully finished matted portraits, luxury folio collections, fine-art wall portraits, and custom framing. High-end retouching and the full-resolution, a non-watermarked digital file is included with each purchased portrait. You are welcome to purchase only digitals if you desire. The cost is the same. Finished portraits begin at $250 and folio collections start at $1100. What you buy is entirely up to you and you choose what you want only after you have seen your proofs.



When do you offer photo sessions?

Portrait sessions are offered on Mondays and Thursdays. For families with children in school, we offer evening portrait sessions beginning at 3 pm on Monday or Thursday and a limited number of Sunday sessions beginning at 10 am.



Where do you offer photoshoots?

I have a lovely portrait studio in Los Gatos. Most of my photoshoots take place in my studio with all its comforts. I can offer a vast array of styles, backdrops, and lighting and it is quite comfortable for changing clothes, hair & makeup adjustments, waiting while others are being photographed, and sipping champagne. Shooting in my studio is preferred by my clients as it is so much more convenient for everyone. If you’d like to be photographed in your home, at your place of work, or another location, just let me know during the planning process and we can discuss the options. On-location shoots may incur additional travel or rental fees. There are no additional fees for shooting in my studio.



How long is a Portrait Session?

Most portrait sessions are 3-hours from start to finish, which includes hair & makeup time. My sessions are designed for up to two people and three different looks (sets, clothing, backdrop & lighting changes). This time also includes the initial hair & makeup for the shoot and styling adjustments throughout. If additional persons are included in your photoshoot, we may need to allow for additional time.



Can you combine Personal Branding & Portraits into one Session? Or vice versa?

Yes. Many clients combine both styles into their sessions and I happy to accommodate this. Just let me know during the planning process and we’ll determine which looks and outfits we will do during your photoshoot.



May I add additional people to my Session for Family Portraits, a ‘Girls’ Day Out’, or Team Branding?

Yes. Each Portrait or Personal Branding Session includes up to TWO people. Additional persons are welcome and may be added for an additional fee. Each additional woman or girl over age 13 is $150 (includes wardrobe styling, hair & makeup). Men, boys, and girls under age 13 are no extra charge.



Can I bring a friend, spouse, or have my parent attend my photo session?

Absolutely! We just ask that the friend, parent, or spouse be positive, supportive and out of the way during the photoshoot. Since all portrait sessions include up to two people, I might suggest you include your spouse, significant other, mother, or girlfriend in the shoot with you.



Do you provide hair & makeup?

Yes. Professional hair & makeup is included in every session. I will work with you to best understand your desired style of makeup and hair to fit your unique vision. All hair & makeup is done here at my studio, so you just need to arrive with a clean & moisturized face and clean, dry hair. We will take care of the rest!



What if I prefer to do my own hair & makeup?

All sessions include hair & makeup and/or grooming, and we do require that you use our professional makeup artist and hairstylist. I will work with you prior to your shoot to make sure that your desired hair & makeup style is communicated to my hair & makeup artist. If you have any concerns, just ask. You are welcome to meet or even do a trial with my hair & makeup artist prior to your photo session. (An additional fee may apply for a trial.)



Do you provide wardrobe styling?

Yes. Wardrobe styling is included with your portrait session and designed to fit each of the looks in your photoshoot. You will need to complete a wardrobe questionnaire at least 10 days prior to the photoshoot. You may also bring your own clothing, or we can work together on the styling.



If you provide the wardrobe, what do I need to bring?

My photoshoots are designed to pamper you as much as possible and that is why we provide hair styling, makeup, and wardrobe. Depending on the looks we choose, you will still need to bring the appropriate undergarments for the outfits, shoes, and any additional items we determine. I will let you know prior to your photoshoot exactly what you need to bring – we try to keep it to as little as possible!



Do you provide Wardrobe Styling for Men?

Wardrobe styling is provided for female clients only. Although, I do advise and guide male clients on how to dress for their photoshoot and I have a few local men’s stylists that I can refer for additional items.



How far in advance do I need to book a Portrait or Personal Branding Session?

I am typically booked 4-6 weeks in advance for portrait sessions. If you are interested, I recommend booking in as soon as possible because you need to allow for 1-week to see your proofs and 2-3 weeks for the final delivery of your custom products.



Do you create Boudoir Portraits? What is your style and are there any restrictions?

Yes. I am happy to create a complete Boudoir session or add a Boudoir look to a Portrait or Personal Branding Session. My style of Boudoir is one that celebrates the female form in an elegant, tasteful manner; similar to the rest of my work. The following restrictions apply to my Boudoir photography: Boudoir is only available to female clients over the age of 18. Lingerie is required, but not provided by my studio for hygienic reasons. I will help guide you on the best and most flattering lingerie to bring and where to buy it. Men are not allowed during any part of the Boudoir experience. This is a strict policy and includes husbands, boyfriends, male friends, etc. You are welcome to have a positive and supportive female friend at your session if you desire. My team is all-female during a Boudoir Session.



Do I need to lose weight before my photoshoot?

No. I pride myself on creating beautiful portraits of all body shapes and sizes. I will guide you on posing which flatters your body type, we will choose the appropriate wardrobe, and I will light specifically for your shape all to create your most striking portraits. If you want to have portraits created, but have been hesitant because of extra weight, I encourage you to have confidence in me and my expertise. I know how to flatter all body types and you should celebrate the beautiful you right now!



I’m not photogenic. Can you help me?

Yes, I can! This is my favorite challenge to accept as I believe that everyone can be photogenic if they have a photographer that coaches them along the way. I see it as my job to guide you through the photographic process to create the most beautiful images you have ever seen of yourself.



What do I need to do to reserve a session date?

You will need to sign a photography agreement and pay the $350 Session Fee to secure your photoshoot date and begin our preparation for your custom photography experience.



Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, I do. If this is a photo experience you desire complete with a luxury folio box or custom wall art in your home, but you need to space out payments, that is completely fine. My prices are set, but I am flexible on payment plans. Please know that we need to receive your payment in full prior to placing your order.



How long until I receive my finished products?

Finished products take between 2-3 weeks after payment is received to be completed. You are welcome to pick up your finished products at my studio or I offer complimentary white glove delivery service to your home or place of work if you live in the San Jose area.


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